Commercial Office Wall Air Conditioner

With summer rapidly approaching, and temperatures already climbing in some areas to triple digits, it is not the time of year to have to deal with an inefficient or non-working air-conditioning unit. Sometimes problems of inefficiencyin  are merely a matter of not having a large enough AC unit to efficiently cool the size of the home or building.

Multi-Split 18000 BTU DC Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioner
Multi-Split 18000 BTU DC Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioner
Hitachi powered easy-fit DC Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioner
Hitachi powered easy-fit DC Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioner
Samsung AR5000M -Split-System Air Conditioners
Samsung AR5000M -Split-System Air Conditioners

How Air Conditioning Works

So how does an air-conditioning unit work and what are the potential issues that could require professional repairs? Do you know how often your AC unit should or even does require regular maintenance? If you are moving or having a home built or remodeled, do you know which size AC unit will not only efficiently cool the square footage but be cost effective? Did you know if your AC systemin  was manufactured before 2011 it may be less expensive to have a new system installed than have to have the refrigerant recharged?

Clean Refrigeration

Refrigerant, which is known by its technical name Freon (in older systems), is the key ingredient in air-conditioning units. In 2010 however the EPA enacted a phase out of Freon bill because of its negative impact on the environment. Since that time manufacturers of AC systems stopped using Freon as the coolant and are now manufactured using R-410A (trade name Puron). The older systems (manufactured before 2011) can still be recharged by an HVAC certified technician/company with Freon until 2020. After that time (2020) air-conditioning units which use Freon will simply have to be replaced.

Clean AC Non-Polluting

So why is this refrigerant so important? The refrigerant (whichever chemical is used) is compressed into high pressure gas that is released into copper tubing that is a closed-looped. Compressed by a compressor, refrigerant’s unique ability in absorbing and releasing heat energy quickly is what allows the air-conditioning unit to cool the inside air effectively.

The Good and The Bad AC's

The compressor and the condenser coil is as a rule of thumb, are mounted on a pad outside next to the house. The blower and the evaporator unit (sometimes referred to as the air handler) is typically located within the home/building most commonly in a closet, basement or the attic. The blower is connected to air ducts which act as a passageway to move air throughout the dwelling, the blower serves the furnace as well as the air-conditioner unit.


When your air-conditioning unit stops pushing cooler air through or you notice it’s not as cool as it once was, it can either mean the unit’s refrigerant needs to be recharged or it could be some type of malfunction either big or small. There is no reason however to suffer through summer heat. And don’t forget, air-conditioning not only cools off a hot house, it also helps to condition the air in your home to reduce problems with allergies, etc. But in order to work correctly it’s important to ensure all air ducts are cleaned on a regular basis.

Here to Help

We are here to help. All of our technicians are expertly trained to install, service and repair air-conditioning units. We can also assist in making sure all air ducts are clean and flowing efficiently.

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Igenix IG9900 Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Igenix IG9900 Portable Air Conditioning Unit